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Will Cure Bash at the Ballpark

Sunday July 7, 2013 was an amazing day to watch the Kane County Cougars take on the Quad City Bandits at our first Will Cure Bash at the Ballpark! Thank you to everyone that joined us at that ballpark!

Our organization exists through the generosity of others.  Thank you to everyone that suported this great event:


The Sawalha Family

Brian and Debbie Whiston

Patrick and Megan Whiston

The Overmeyer Family

The Anderson Family
Carter and Pat Black

The Blair Family
The Brown Family
Ken and Evelyn Couture
Maurine Goodyear and Adam Glinski
Robb Kidd

Jim and Mary Kidd

The Probst Family
Kevin Kirby
The McNamara Family

Mary Anne Moulton and Joe

The Jody Moulton Family

The Corey Moulton Family

The Nauman Family

Jim and Noreen Reese
The Shultz Family
Craig and Linda Stevenson

The Bohnstedt Family
Cary and Denise Stevenson
The Kane County Cougars

The Cocoa Bean

J. Rich Company

Lynfred Winery

Elite Island Resorts Carribean

Brookfield Zoo

Chicago Sky

Chicago Wolves

Red Box / Coinstar



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